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Today we’re giving away four copies of CSSEdit, a popular visual style sheet editor for OS X. It offers an intuitive approach to style sheets, powerful previewing features, and all manner of innovative features to have you delivering awesome standards-based sites in no time!

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.


Tables in web design were an anchor I clung to for far too long. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were a mad mojo that I could not wrap my head around for the longest time. Until I finally just told myself “no” to tables. Using Dreamweaver to develop sites with CSS has always proved frustrating, as pages never looked right in the preview pane and were difficult to manage.

When I first started using CSSEdit from MacRabbit it was as though someone lifted the blinds and made CSS easy to understand. It offers an elegant, easy-to-use system for crafting a CSS file and takes away all the headache of doing it manually.

This review will run through my experience with CSSEdit, highlight the major features, and explain how it may really help your web design workflow.