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If you’re a Delicious user and haven’t tried Delibar, you’re really missing out. Delibar is a full featured Delicious Mac client, focusing upon giving OS X users an easy and quick tool for searching, managing and sharing their Delicious bookmarks. It does the job very well, and oozes style from a remarkably well-designed interface.

We have fifteen licenses to give away, so read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.


Delicious is a fantastic service for organizing, sharing, and finding great bookmarks on the web. However I’ve never thought much of the bland appearance of the site and as a result I’ve never felt the urge to sign up. Until now.

After finding out about Delibar, a new Delicious client for Mac from Shiny Frog, I’ve realized the potential of Delicious bookmarking and Delibar feels like the perfect way to do it. Delibar lets you search, share, discover, and organize your Delicious account right from within the Menu Bar on your Mac. This review will take a look at exactly what Delibar is capable of.