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Storage space is at a premium these days, with SSDs coming standard in MacBook Airs and Retina MacBook Pros. SSDs are speedy and a huge improvement over platter hard drives in most ways, but it’s rare now to have a 500Gb or larger drive built into your Mac. Rather than having to buy a new Mac, or shuffle files between external drives, why not clean up the space that you have? That’s exactly what Detox my Mac, our sponsor this week, can help you do.

Detox My Mac is an advanced deep-clean app for your Mac running OS X 10.5 or newer. It simplifies the tools that you’d normally find in OS X’ disk utilities, and then gives you over 30 extra tools to clean up your Mac and keep it maintained. It’ll help you find and remove old cache files and logs, the extra files left behind when you uninstall apps, and more. You can clean up all of that and more in just 2 clicks with Detox my Mac.

It won’t magically make your Mac brand new, but it will clean out the old cobwebs from old apps and help you have the most space free for the stuff you really want on your Mac. So, if you’ve noticed that your Mac is running out of storage space, now’s the time to clean it up. There’s no reason for all of your SSD’s space to be wasted by junk files that you don’t need anyhow.

Get Your Mac Detoxed Today!

You can get started cleaning up your Mac for free with Detox My Mac basic. Then, for a limited time, you can get Detox my Mac Pro for just $17.95, 30% off its normal price as an exclusive special for AppStorm readers. Just head to to get your discounted copy of Detox my Mac Pro this week!

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