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The Toy Story franchise has long been a success, so it comes as no surprise that a Toy Story 3 game was introduced along-side the Toy Story 3 movie. I remember playing the original Toy Story game on my Nintendo, so I was excited to give a more modern Toy Story game a spin.

Toy Story 3 is a family friendly game with a few different ways to play. Check out story mode for a great way to play in between clips from the movie. Toybox mode puts you into a sandbox environment with missions, mini-games and the ability to make your own town. Is Toy Story 3 great for a family game or a trip down memory lane? Read on to find out!


I love my new Mac, but I still enjoy using old hardware too and there’s nothing quite like playing retro games in the environment they were intended for. Assuming you have a PowerPC Mac lying around, there’s nothing stopping you from installing either OS 9 or OS X’s ‘Classic’ emulator and turning that aging Mac into a retro gaming rig!

Still need convincing? Read on after the break to take a look at my pick of 9 great retro OS 9 games.


This isn’t going to be your typical Mac app review. Minecraft isn’t sold on the Mac App Store. It’s a cross-platform game that has over 3.5 million paid players across Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it one of the most wildly successful indie games in recent memory.

Minecraft is a creative/adventure sandbox game originally devised by independent Swedish game developer Markus Persson (known to the community as Notch) and continually developed by his company Mojang. Minecraft has its inspirations, but as a gamer, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a game quite like Minecraft gain so much steam and such a huge following. What makes it so great?


First things first – I’m not a “hardcore” gamer. In fact, some of the few games I play are Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies and racing games like the Need for Speed series. I was asked to review Asphalt 6: Adrenaline newly available on the Mac App Store and was interested to hear that it was a ported game from the iOS platform, which I why I was eager to take a look at it.

Now we’re all familiar with the “Back to the Mac” ideology where developers bring back elements of the iOS platform into Mac applications. One of the best examples is Reeder and Day One. How well would this work with a game though? Would the UI stay the same or would it be just the major game elements that would match?


Video games have come a long way in the past twenty years. It went from dumping nickels and quarters into 6-foot tall machines in a smokey arcade to sitting in a living room in front of a HD TV with a wireless controller in your hand.

Although those advances make living in the future much cooler, there’s something to be said for taking it back to the old school; playing the games of the past, just updated a bit to reflect current technology.

Pangea Arcade fits into that category. It’s been on the Mac for years now, but with the birth of the Mac App Store came a spot in the top of the charts for the game. So what makes this 3-in-1 combo pack so popular? Let’s delve deeper and find out.


Perhaps you’ve already made the move to digital media. Maybe you get your newspapers and magazines directly in your computer, instead of physically delivered to your door. Maybe you don’t even read newspapers anymore. With devices like the iPad and the Kindle, digital media has cannibalized physical media, and along with it, some of our traditions have been extinguished. Traditions like solving puzzles in the morning.

Do not worry, though. Here at AppStorm we have what you need to get back into those mind-exercising, and at times even frustrating, little puzzles. Read on to find some of our favorite apps for finding (and solving) crosswords and sudoku puzzles on your Mac.


Big air, big mountains, and lots of snow, are some of the things that Shaun White loves. Thanks to Ubisoft, he is happy to share them with us. Shaun has proven time and time again his skills on the slopes and now his red-haired fame has gotten him to make his first attempt at videogames ala Tony Hawk. In Shaun White Snowboarding, Ubisoft has crafted a well-balanced blend of both realistic and arcade styles of gameplay in a free-roam atmosphere. While seemingly a strange mix, the end result gives a rather decent experience – especially if you are an extreme sports fan.

Like many recent extreme sport games you start out as a rookie and work your way up to soon become a glorified champ; don’t get scared of the huge masses of snow though, Shaun has your back at all times. At the very beginning of the game, Shaun becomes your mentor as he pledges to unleash your inner snowboarding beast. To successfully complete Shaun’s course, you must collected several coins scattered across all four mountains, and complete different sets of challenges. Once you’ve tackled those slopes and collected the precious coins, you will face the “Flying Tomato” himself.


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