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Space… the final frontier. A frontier not often explored by video games — not in a spaceship anyway. While there’s a sea of racing games, first person shooters, and other genres that have way too many clones, space flight simulators that let you explore the vast galaxy while admiring it’s magnificent beauty are very scarce.

This once popular type of game is considered by most to be a “dead” genre, and this is sad because there are many people who love space, spaceships, and space battles. Some have EVE to rely on, but not everyone can afford the monthly price or the hours needed to invest in such deep game.

This is where Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD comes into play. While these are not the voyages of the starship Enterprise, this title will take you were no one has gone before — and it’ll do so with finesse.


At this year’s E3, there were plenty of spectacular games that impressed gamers, journalist, and developers. However, there were not many surprises during the press conferences, but there was something that a few E3 goers were able to notice. The show was interestingly filled with plenty of free-to-play games. Games like Hawken and Dust 514 were showcased during the event, and they were not only fun, but they looked phenomenal. These games showed us that free-to-play games can rock and look good while doing it.

With that in mind, welcome to the world of UberStrike HD. UberStrike HD is a free-to-play first person shooter game that evolved from a small game known as Paradise Paintball. UberStrike HD gives OS X players a rather fun experience with HD graphics that make the game stand out. Sadly however, the game has a few deal-breakers that stop it from being all it could be.


SSD’s or Solid State Drives are a popular upgrade lately due to the very significant difference they can make to even an older Mac’s performance in real world use. Unfortunately, SSD’s are also still prohibitively expensive for those of us who wish to keep large quantities of media on an internal hard drive.

There are a few workarounds for this, but most rely on an external drive or cloud storage. Alternatively, the following guide will show you how to install an SSD and make use of a larger, standard hard drive in the SuperDrive bay. As far as non-standard upgrades go, it’s not too difficult, but is perhaps not best suited for complete novices and may well void your warranty.


Interested in finding a beautiful new desktop wallpaper for the holiday period? I’ve collected a selection of thirty vivid photo wallpapers, all available in a huge resolution for your 30″ monitor!

These are bright, bold, and colourful – perfect to chase away those winter blues! I hope you enjoy the collection, and I’d love to see a few of your own suggestions in the comments.

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