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Our featured sponsor this week is Live Interior 3D, a powerful and intuitive home and interior design application that lets you build the house or office of your dreams right on your Mac.

Live Interior 3D is amazingly easy to use. 3D modeling is typically a painstaking process that takes years to master, but with Live Interior 3D I was setting up and tweaking rooms in my house in minutes. The intuitive drag and drop interface allows for absolutely anyone to quickly spec out a floor plan and begin adding walls, furniture, lighting and more. The result is an unbelievably realistic fully 3D render of your home that makes it easy to plan and experiment with changes, whether you want to move a sofa or knock out a wall!

Go Get It!

You’ve really got to try Live Interior 3D for yourself to see how incredible it is. Be sure to download the free trial and give it a test drive.

Live Interior 3D comes in two flavors: Standard and Pro. Both are super powerful and come with completely free tech support so you can be sure that you’ll achieve complete satisfaction and stellar results.

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