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Yesterday, CleanMyDrive, a nifty little free utility aimed at decluttering your Mac’s hard drives, hit the App Store and instantly sore straight to the top of the “Top Free” app category. To celebrate this their developers, Macpaw, are offering a generous 30% discount on three of their other popular apps, Gemini, Ensoul and MacHider, on the App Store. This discount is only valid if you purchase the items off the App Store (i.e. not from the developers website) and is valid up till June 27th.


Today we’re giving away five copies of CleanMyMac and MacHider. The former is an all-in-one-suite utility to help keep your Mac clean and healthy, and the latter allows you to password protect and safely hide certain files on your computer.

Read on for more information about these two applications, and to find out how to enter!