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Have you ever set and thought that your iPhone apps are simpler and quicker to use than their Mac counterparts? The same task that’d take 15 seconds on your phone often seems to take a half-dozen clicks on the Mac, especially if you’re using a web app. There’s the counterpart problem, of course, that mobile native and web apps often have less features than their desktop counterparts, but if you’re just wanting to check your Twitter feed or Gmail, the mobile feature set is often perfect.

So why not bring all of that to the desktop? Actually, there’s a number of menubar apps¬†on the Mac that are essentially a tiny window for the mobile web app of a particular service, such as Gmail. Then, there’s the just-launched GoodDay. From the team that brought us Moneybag, GoodDay is an interesting shot at making mobile-style apps makes sense on the Mac desktop.


Earlier this year, I made the move to a MacBook Pro being my primary machine after years of having a desktop with a supplemental laptop. This change really just acknowledged the way I already used my computer since I seldom sat down in front of my several year old desktop. Over time I’d moved to doing almost all my work on my MacBook. In fact, for much of the last six month before making the change, the most common way I accessed my desktop was by remoting to it from my laptop.

This change lets me be more mobile and that brings a lot of freedom when working, but also adds a few challenges with having a computer that’s meant to be on the go. Over the last couple of years while gradually making the switch from my laptop being a supporting machine to my primary computer, I’ve come to use several apps that help simply the job. Let’s look at a few of them.


Our featured sponsor this week is MobDis, an incredibly easy way to build mobile sites without writing a single line of code.

With over 40,000 downloads on the Mac App Store, MobDis is a popular choice for anyone looking to create a mobile website or app. MobDis features an intuitive drag and drop workflow that’s so simple to master, you’ll be creating awesome sites in minutes flat. It’s a free download so there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out!

Mobdis just received a major update for 2012 that features a newly revamped interface, auto-resizing for iOS and Android, QR code generation, and advanced animations. Pro users can enjoy an ad-free experience with custom domains, video and form embedding and even HTML/JavaScript editing.

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If you’re looking for a way to create stunning sites without the hassle of hand coding, MobDis is definitely an app to check out. Stop by the Mobdis website for more information or grab your copy from the Mac App Store today. It’s free!

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