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While Mac.AppStorm is naturally going to be your first (and most awesomest) stop when reading Mac and App news, there are plenty of other great blogs out there. Today we wanted to give a shout out to a few other essential Mac and App reads to add your RSS reader or bookmarks list!


A wide range of different iPhone apps are available for reading news – whether via RSS, or another method. Today I’m taking a look at Broadersheet, a $3.99 iPhone application that aims to be your portable electronic newspaper, aggregating the content that interests you most from a range of different sources.

A few features make it stand out from the crowd: it’s intelligent, and learns which stories interest you most as you rate them, you can read stories offline, and also view a simplified version of a website – optimised for the iPhone’s screen.

I’ll be looking at these features in greater detail, and assessing whether it’s a good solution for reading news on-the-go.


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