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In today’s great world of digital photo retouching, it’s rare to see a published photograph that hasn’t been retouched in some way, often drastically so. This retouching process has also begun to permeate our world of social media, with photos becoming more and more obviously retouched or edited in some way. Many traditional photo-editing tools, such as Photoshop, are not exactly easy to pick up for your basic computer owner. Simple apps like Perfect365 have come along to help basic computer users retouch photos for common, everyday usage.

Perfect365 is an application that allows users to input key points and do basic portrait editing. Perfect365 offers a very simple user experience, with default views focusing on presets rather than manual editing options. Installed presets include basic structural touch-ups and a variety of makeup styles. However, users can browse online for further styles and inspiration or even create their own in manual mode. Read on to learn more about how the app works, what it’s good for (and not so good for) and my overall thoughts.