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Our featured sponsor this week is Photo Transformer, an amazingly simple and fast way to find and process images.

Photo Transformer is a super fast image browser. No need to build a library, just point it at a folder or directory of folders and it will instantly dive in and find all of the image files. From here you can browse the flexible thumbnail grid and quickly filter the results by file type, size, date created, etc.

Once you’ve targeted the images that you’re looking for, you can build custom actions that process them in bulk. For example, if you have a thousand high-res PNG files that you need to convert to low-res JPG files, you simply set up the action, hit the play button and watch the magic.

As a photographer, I frequently need to take the large files from a shoot and downsize them for Facebook uploading. Photo Transformer makes this a snap. As a bonus, I love using it simply as a lightweight image browser. It’s much quicker than some of the bulkier alternatives like Adobe Bridge.

Go Get It!

If you’re looking for a faster way to browse and bulk process images on the fly, Photo Transformer is definitely an app to check out. Stop by the Prosoft website for more information or grab your copy from the Mac App Store today.

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