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Our featured sponsor this week is SpyCam, the perfect utility for conducting private video surveillance with your Mac.

Security apps can be a pain to setup, but Spy Cam is so simple that anyone can use it. As soon as I opened up Spy Cam for the first time, I immediately knew how everything worked. You simply set the interval for how often you want Spy Cam to automatically record a movie using your Mac’s built-in camera and indicate how long each movie should be. From that point on, you can easily keep track of who is snooping around on your machine.

If you want to check up on your Mac from a remote location, Spy Cam has your back. It can easily be configured to save the video files to your Dropbox folder, making them accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Spy Cam is hands down one of the easiest ways I’ve seen to use your Mac for a little covert spying. At $9.99, it’s also much cheaper than many competing security apps (no monthly fees, just download the app and use it forever).

Go Get It!

Go grab Spy Cam now and start keeping a closer watch on your Mac or even your home. Anything that you can point your Mac’s camera at, you can record. Spy Cam can was just released on the Mac App Store so be sure to cruise over and check it out.

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