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Running a retail business has never been easier (honestly!) thanks the availability of electronic tools such as Point of Sale (POS) systems and comprehensive inventory management software. These retail applications for Mac are cost-effective, accessible, and integrate well with an array of other software options.

Today on Mac Appstorm I’m going to round up five of the best retail management software for Mac users. These solutions aren’t actually native to Mac but are rather web-based retail management tools that are leaders in their field. The benefit of using these solutions on your Mac rather than native Mac retail sotware is that they allow better integration with other applications, can be accessed from any computer, and sync well with their iPhone and iPad retail app counterparts.

Read on to discover the best Mac retail software for the modern day merchant!


An inventory management application is essential for many businesses. Through these tools, the entire process of managing stock can be made more efficient. Most importantly, the implementation of a inventory management software for Mac gives you more time to focus on more enjoyable tasks!

But do you need a dedicated inventory management software for Mac to do this? As good as some basic inventory management software for Mac can be, opting for a cloud-based solution could be the best way to go.

There are several reasons why cloud is a smart choice. Generally speaking, cloud-based inventory management applications offer attractive, easy-to-use interfaces which is what we Mac users love. Also, because data is stored in the cloud these apps can be accessed from any device in the world. Another boon of cloud inventory management software for Mac users is that it can sync up nicely with popular and affordable shipping and eCommerce tools.

In this article I’m going to highlight six of the best inventory management software for Mac users and talk about some of the other business apps and platforms that they integrate with.

Read on to find out more!