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We have another great application from Acrylic Apps up for grabs today, this time with the aim of creating a customized, personal newspaper on your Mac. Times is a unique RSS reader that displays news through a really beautiful interface. We have ten copies to give away to a selection of lucky Mac.AppStorm readers.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.


Following your favorite website doesn’t require checking it every hour or two for new stories. RSS readers provide one-stop websites, or applications, that gather all the posts from your favorite blogs or news portals. Several great applications exist for the Mac for organizing your RSS feeds, from Apple’s own Mail, to NewsFire, NetNewsWire and the web based Google Reader.

All of these applications (or web sites) are similar, displaying the unread stories in your feed like an e-mail inbox. However, Times provides an entirely different reading experience. Using your favorite websites, or the great set of default RSS feeds, Times formulates a digital newspaper, providing a more natural reading experience.