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If you’re a freelancer, you’re probably familiar with having to split your time between your work and the more managerial aspects of your business–like invoicing and bookkeeping. Here at AppStorm, we’re fond of the apps that take the edge off of this part of our day, and we’ve likely all used some sort of time tracker software. Usually, you have to create a client, and then a ticket, fill in all of the details of the project, and start a timer, all before getting to work. But what if you just want to get started and worry about all of that tedium later?

Enter Finch, a new kind of time tracking app from TouchStudios. Finch sits in your menubar or in your dock and automatically clocks the time you spend using each app.


Our sponsor this week is Finch, an amazing time tracking tool from Touch Studios.

Finch is an app that takes all the effort out of time tracking. If you can open it, you can use it! With virtually zero configuration, Finch sits quietly tucked away in your menu bar and collects data throughout the day. It monitors what windows and apps are active on the screen at any given time.

After reporting your usage for the day Finch will present you with a bar chart clearly displaying how you spent your time, or alternatively you can export straight to CSV to get control of your data (it’s yours after all).

Whether you are measuring your work hours in order to bill clients, trying to keep your time spent on Facebook under control, or just interested in seeing your usage habits, Finch is by far the best tool to quantify your activity.

Keep Your Data Private

Competing apps have a habit of uploading your content to their servers. Touch Studios, the authors of the app, will never have your data as it is stored locally on your own machine. Finch does not require an internet connection and is completely private.

Go Get It!

Finch is available on The Mac App Store for only $8.99. Go grab your copy today and start automating your time tracking activities!

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