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When was the last time you counted how many online services you are a part of? 20? 50? Most likely you either have dozens of sticky notes scattered with random passwords, or use one password for all of your services.

This is where password managers come in handy. Recently, we have seen two of the more popular options: 1Password from Agile Web Solutions and Wallet from Acrylic Software, hit version 3. Both Wallet and 1Password also have corresponding iPhone / iPod touch Applications available for download.

This review will take an in-depth look at both applications, and hopefully guide you in the right direction for choosing a password manager to lock down your online identity. If you’re more interested in reading about all the different apps available, check out our roundup of 8 Password Managers for Mac.


We’re helping you with security today, with ten copies of Wallet to give away. Wallet is a brilliant solution for keeping all your private information safe. Whether it’s credit card info, passwords, serial numbers, locations of Wi-Fi hotspots – you name it, Wallet can safely store it.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.