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The Gold Master (GM) version of Apple’s new upcoming version of OS X, Mountain Lion, was released yesterday to registered Apple developers, hinting at an imminent release. This version is often the “final” version of the operating system before being released to the public, unless any bugs are discovered by developers and the OS code is “frozen”, often meaning no further changes are going to be made.

There’s nothing easy about app design. Despite Apple’s best efforts to make the tools for OSX and iOS development as intuitive as possible, anyone who has done it knows that there’s a lot more to creating a terrific user experience than simply using fancy graphics and assembling the code.

For one thing, the interaction between the visuals and the code is important to manage well so that the app doesn’t grow unnecessarily huge in size. PaintCode, a new app from PixelCut software, aims to ease this aspect of production by providing you with an environment for drawing interface elements that are instantly rendered into raw code — so you can have fine visuals without the bloat.

Though it serves a complicated niche, PaintCode could revolutionize the way developers handle in-app graphics in a way that has implications for all app enthusiasts, so we dive in to see how well it rises to the challenge.


This week saw some pretty big announcements in the world of Mac software, especially with the release of Photoshop CS6 beta on Thursday with a completely revamped interface and tonnes of new features aimed at making editing photos an absolute breeze.

However, Adobe news aside, let’s take a look at what else has been going on this week.