WordPress Guide

WordPress Writer Guide

If you’re a regular AppStorm writer, we may ask you to write your posts directly into our WordPress system. This saves everyone lots of time, and means that you can have a “live preview” of your articles before submitting it to us for review.

You should have received your login details via email – if not, get in touch with your editor. You can login to WordPress as follows:

Your WordPress login details will be different for each site, and if you contribute to more than one site, you’ll need to ask both editors to make an account for you on their respective sites.

Logging In & Updating Your Profile

After logging in, one of the first things you may like to do is update your profile:

Writing a Review or How To

To get to grips with WordPress and write your first review, this should give you a clear and concise overview:

Writing a Roundup

There are a few different techniques to use when writing a roundup, and this video should explain them fairly simply for you: